Vietnamese style “finger pressure” massage


Welcome to AN’s spa – A destination for acupressure massage which helps to relax your mind and improve your health.

Facial care


Shampoo with herbal


Our specialist who has 30 years of experience in inner energy, acupressure and  traditional medicine, invented the HEAD MASSAGE. 

This HEAD MASSAGE will help you to release stress, headache and improve your health.

We also have FREE hot and steam sauna, other popular services such as BODY massage, FOOT massage and SHAMPOO with herbal.

Please come to AN’s spa and have wonderful relaxing and calming experience.




Friendly spa!

The very friendly spa, from staffs to the owner. Content of therapy process and services is very special and effective. You should try at least 1 time.

Ms. Phuong Quynh


Dr. Nakajima

Spa trị liệu vi diệu!!

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Anh Cường