“Real care” spa package for company benefit

Are you looking for a new kind of company benefit which can help you to:

  • Show your “Real care” to your staff, their family, their partners and their friends!
  • Improve your staff’s mental and health
  • Improve your staff’s working efficiency

An’s spa “REAL CARE” – spa package can help you with our very unique and special services:

  • Treatment massage with traditional medicine, especially HEAD & BODY massage to release STRESS, HEADACHE, pain in NECK – SHOULDER – NAPE – BACK.
  • Get back balance in MIND with Qigong training with specialist.
  • Frequent health check with tradition medicine – doctor.
  • Steam & Hot sauna
  • Natural products

How we provide “REAL CARE” spa package?

Package price: 5.000.000 vnd

Services included:

  1. 10 times of FREE TO CHOOSE massage in 90′ (BODY/HEAD/FOOT/COMBO)
  2. 10 times of health check from tradition medicine – doctor.
  3. 10 times of Qigong training with specialist
  4. 10 times of steam & hot sauna
  5. Natural food & drink good for health
  6. Limit of time: no limit
  7. Treatment at home when needed
  8. Free hot stone in Body massage
  9. Surprises in the 10th time of usage
  10. Free 2 times of SHAMPOO with herbal

Should you need further information about this package, please feel free to contact Ms. An.

  • Phone: 0902 588 119
  • Email: an.betogo@gmail.com

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